New Podcast episodes and Articles from Olats

Trust Me I'm An Artist Image

We’re very excited to announce that there are two new Trust Me, I’m an Artist articles and several new podcasts available from our partners at Leonardo Olats.

The articles focus on “Heirloom,” the work of artist, Gina Czarnecki, and scientist, John Hunt. The work is living portrait of the artist’s daughters consisting of a glass cast of their faces onto which their skin cells are growing within a bioreactor. You can read both articles on the Olats website.

You can also treat your ears to discussions about Trust Me, I’m an Artist works when you listen to our podcast series on the Audiolats channel on the Creative Disturbance platform. On the podcast, Annick Bureaud talks with artists, the scientists, and curators about their work with the Trust Me, I’m an Artist project. The newest episodes focus on Heirloom and Howard Boland’s Cellular Propeller.