Ivor Diosi (artist)

Ivor Diosi (artist)

Ivor Diosi (SK) operates at the intersections of art, science and new technologies, in the fields of neurocinema, game-art, bio-art and hybrid art, uses mixed realities, machine vision, artificial life, simulacra, synthetic and virtual entities.

His main obsessions are identity, the existence of space-time, the emergence of organic life and consciousness. His works and installations are renown for combining biomorph and evolutionary aesthetic, scientific knowledge, technical sophistication, strong critical concepts, and powerplay with the processes of observation and perception.

Working since 1989 and exhibiting internationally since 1997 at over a hundred venues, festivals, museums and galleries around the world, including ZKM Zentrum für Kunst und Medientechnologie, Fundación Telefónica VIDA Madrid, Japan Media Arts Festival Tokyo, ISEA International Symposium on Electronic Art, New York Institute of Technology, transmediale Berlin, CYNETART Dresden, The LUMEN Prize World Tour, amber Art and Technology Festival Istanbul, VIPER Basel, Museum of Visual Arts New York Digital Salon and Kinetica London. Featured in the Leonardo Journal, Flash Art, Intel+VICE The Creators Project, ARTE TV and turbulence.org.

Ivor has received a number of international awards and distinctions, most notably the CynetArt / Stiftung für Kunst & Kultur International Award, an Artistic Production Incentive endowed by Fundación Telefónica, and honorable mentions at VIDA Art and Artificial Life Awards, ZKM International Media Art Awards and transmediale.

Ivor is the founder of _humane after people_ – an art-science group addressing questions of the future of the human condition, aiming for a machine-unreadable humanity, creating the future Humane Other. Their works strive to be detached from socially conditioned perception and our simian legacy as much as possible, and focus on what really matters: the human being as autonomous conscience in the unvoid.

“With a special interest I will follow this work that has deep and multi-layered structure”
Deborah Hustić, Artist, Writer and Curator, founder Body Pixel Studio / Radiona, Zagreb, 2014

“I see the innovation and excellence”
Neja Tomšič, Artist, Researcher, co-founder MoTA Museum of Transitory Art, Ljubljana / ArtistTalk artisttalk.eu, 2014

“The interdisciplinary approach is impressive”
Alain Bieber, Art Critic, ARTE Creative, Strasbourg, 2014

“Trippy… Ominous… Mesmerizing”
INTEL+VICE The Creators Project, 2015