DNA Ancestry Testing: Larry Achiampong & David Blandy

Trust Me, I’m an Artist: DNA Ancestry Testing with Larry Achiampong and David Blandy Ancestry DNA testing has been widely embraced as a new way to understand our identity. But how does this removal of identity from its narrative and social dimension impact on understandings of race and relationships? And what is the scientific validity … Continue Reading

Symposium & ethics panel performance with Maja Smrekar

Can the arts play a role in understanding the ethical issues arrising from new (bio)technologies? Can ethics be an artform or should art making require ethical approval? “Trust me, I’m an Artist” investigates the new ethical issues arising from art and science collaboration and considers the roles and responsibilities of the artists, scientists and institutions … Continue Reading

TMIAA at the British Science Festival

As part of the British Science Festival, at Fabrica Gallery Brighton we are pleased to announce “Trust me, I’m an artist: Displaying Resistance”. Get Your Tickets Here Trust Me, I’m an Artist” is an internationally renowned series of events debating the ethical issues that arise when art meets science. Can and should an artist exhibit … Continue Reading

Trust me, I’m an artist – group exhibition and opening

A group exhibition as a result of the project Trust me, I’m an artist with art works on the ethical complexities of emerging (bio)technologies at Zone2Source, Amsterdam. Festive opening: Saturday 13 May, 1 – 6 pm Exhibition on display from 13 May – 25 June, Open Friday – Saturday – Sunday 11 am – 5 pm, or … Continue Reading

Performance Be-wildering by Jennifer Willet & Kira O’Reilly

During the final performance of Trust me I’m an artist O’Reilly and Willet will bring (or perhaps smuggle) a variety of living materials to the Theatrum Anatomicum of the Waag building in Amsterdam, questioning which species are allowed in which ecologies, the laboratory as ecology and the wilderness as lab. A specially formed local ethics committee … Continue Reading

Heirloom – Gina Czarnecki

The next edition of Trust Me I’m an Artist will feature Heirloom, a project by Gina Czarnecki. The Heirloom project involves growing “skin portraits” of Czarnecki’s daughters from their own cells on fragile glass casts. When these cell cultures evolve into translucent tissue, they are preserved, removed, and displayed. The heirloom Experiment subverts the notion … Continue Reading

Cellular Propeller: Howard Boland, Lucas Evers

The series Trust Me, I’m an Artist investigates ethical issues arising from art and biological science collaboration, where artistic projects nudge up against the newly possible and often precede regulation. The series considers the roles and responsibilities of artists, scientists, and institutions involved. The protocol is as follows: an artist proposes an ethically complex artwork … Continue Reading

Molding the Signifier

CIANT Prague is organizing the next installation of the Trust me, I’m an Artist series. An expert panel on ethical issues in science reflected and brought to light by art. Towards the future of the manipulation of organic life and artificial intelligence – exhibition and open expert panel on ethical issues in science reflected and … Continue Reading

The Arts Catalyst London: Martin O’Brien performance

The first in a new series of Trust me, I’m an Artist performances, Martin O’Brien shows his work. In this new durational performance, commissioned by The Arts Catalyst, O’Brien turns his attention to the fear of contamination associated with the sick body. In doing so, he highlights recent acute public anxiety around the risk of … Continue Reading