Molding the Signifier – Ivor Diosi

Molding the Signifier – Ivor Diosi

Molding the Signifier – a complex digital interactive installations intertwining organical and digital worlds by Ivor Diosi.

It deploys an external biological agent to infiltrate and disrupt the body-mind-ecosystems of virtual humans, resulting in states that we regular humans can perceive as mental illness. A well known game character has been chosen to be deconstructed as a virtual human actor, as this is how most people today are introduced to and come to know virtual entities. This is in effect intended as a social commentary on a culture that is hungry for simulated experiences, yet is stuck on its own evolutionary conditioning – the problem described as the “uncanny valley”.

A contaminated biologic culture (an assortment of growing mold species) is continuously monitored and measured for data with a digital microscope and a set of bioelectric sensors. This real-time input is gradually interspersed into the neuronal logic that governs facial recognition (of exhibition visitors), and the virtual human visualization/simulation, combined with procedural emotion expression and speech synthesis.

Indeed, it rises questions, so let us meet the artist and ask him directly.

Ivor Diosi was selected for Trust Me, I’m an Artis via a call for artists. Louis Bec led a workshop about the issues raised by Diosi’s work.

Trust Me I’m An Artist – Prague from Open Wetlab on Vimeo.


The project received funding support from Fundación Telefónica through the VIDA Art and Artificial Life Awards’ Production Incentives. In-kind production support has been provided by SCART, Prague and the Institute of Intermedia, Prague; and documentation support by Trans-Media Akademie Hellerau, Dresden.

Contributors and Collaborators:

“molding the signifier” is a _humane after people_ project
Darija Czibulka (Spain) – ecologist
Ivan Acher (Czech Republic) – soundtrack

Special Thanks:

Ferdinand de Saussure
Bohuš Získal, SCART Prague
Denisa Kera, SCART Prague
Ondřej Cakl, SCART Prague
Roman Berka, Institute of Intermedia Prague
Zdeněk Trávníček, Institute of Intermedia Prague
Thomas Dumke, Trans-Media Akademie Hellerau
David Pinzer